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We've all heard it.... "Success and money like SPEED!" And in the world of mobile apps and the internet, speed rules. Go through the listings below and if you see something that sparks your interest or might be a good fit, let us know. But don't take too long because as you'll see, the right businesses get sold FAST!

AVAILABLE = On the open market and ready for an offer

PENDING = This business is not sold just yet but there is pending sale in motion and we cannot release any information on it unless the status is changed to available

SOLD = Another happy client! :-)


Multi-Category App Suite with 5,000,000+ downloads

For sale is a multi-category app suite covering 10 categories with apps in all top 3 app stores (iOS, Android, and Windows). Seller has recently cracked the code on advertising producing an increase from $30,000/month to $326,000 in one month in 2013. The marketing methods and strategies the owner uses are duplicatable and scalable.

Asking Price: $450,000 | Revenue: $817,262 | Cash Flow: $221,961

App Portfolio - 500 apps and 10 Million Downloads

For sale is an explosive growth app business started in 2013. This business now has over 500 apps primarily in the most sought after gaming niche with others that span 8 categories in the app store. It has accumulated over 10MM downloads and averages approximately 881,200 downloads per month.

Asking Price: $550,000 | Revenue: $281,988 | Cash Flow: $238,230

Leading Brand in App Developer Training & Tools

For sale is the leading brand and an internationally recognized pioneer in one of the hottest industries in the world, mobile app development training and tools. This company is the leader in teaching people how to successfully create mobile apps and market them. With the largest app developer customer base (4,500) of any business in this market, 6 evergreen products and sales funnels that have produced over $3,000,000 in total revenue, a bestselling book, the largest active community of responsive developers, access to App Store data that can be leveraged multiple ways (15% of the top apps are represented by customers of this company), and the leading brand for app developer training, this business represents a significant acquisition for the right buyer.

Asking Price: $800,000 | Revenue: $907,369 | Cash Flow: $215,316

App Source Code Business, SAAS, and 1MM+ Download Portfolio

For sale is an app business that publishes B2C apps in a variety of categories. Their first app (from 2012), is still successful and ranks #2 to #5 at any given time for the most popular keyword for this type of app. The business continues to develop new apps but shifted focus in mid 2013 to generating revenue through selling tools to other indie developers.

Asking Price: $255,000 | Revenue: $210,000 | Cash Flow: $180,000

Multiplatform First Person Shooter Game - 8.2 Million Downloads

For sale is a series of four 'block-style' first person shooter games with an aesthetic similar to the popular game Minecraft. The games have all enjoyed success on the various app stores and are fully featured action games with worldwide multiplayer (for the most popular game).

Asking Price: $350,000 | Revenue: $292,882 | Cash Flow: $260,149

Two App Portfolios - 66 apps and 1 Million Downloads

For sale is a set of two gaming app portfolios with a total of 66 apps and 1 million downloads. The company was started about a year ago and develops and reskins casual mobile games for iOS, Android & Amazon. After the startup phase, the business has produced $124K in revenue and $103K in profit in the past 10 months. Current run rate is approximately $143K/year in revenue and $117K/year in profit. In September the owners signed a contract with one of the largest companies in the app store for a direct advertising deal on all of their slot games for $6 per install.

Asking Price: $220,000 | Revenue: $124,791 | Cash Flow: $103,366

B2B Food Niche Revenue Generating Website For Sale

For sale is a B2B revenue generating website with five years of history in a targeted food related niche. The site provides up to date news, information, and marketing solutions for small to large industry companies looking to promote and grow their business.

Asking Price: $60,000 | Revenue: $38,374 | Cash Flow: $21,958

Forex and Binary Options Referral Internet Business

For sale is a company offering comprehensive and flexible Forex and Binary Options solutions for retail traders, introducing brokers, and money managers. This company brings traders an exclusive offer which consists of deep liquidity, reliable technology and superior customer service through its established clearing relationships. The firm provides clients with execution, clearing, custody, and technology services, supporting correspondents and financial services firms around the globe. The company has both a U.S. and non-U.S. offering through specific websites providing global diversification of revenues.

Asking Price: $3,100,000 | Revenue: $1,139,193 | Cash Flow: $889,056

Investor Education, Training and Tools Internet Business

For sale is a company offering education, training and tools for active financial traders and individual investors. This is one of the longer established businesses in this niche with 9 years of history. One of the key things that sets this business apart is their self-liquidating lead generation system using PPC (pay per click) traffic. This produces 4,500 to 5,000 fresh leads every month, all on autopilot and with 90% of the advertising costs immediately offset using a co-registration process.

Asking Price: $2,000,000 | Revenue: $820,876 | Cash Flow: $591,132

Baby Names & Pregnancy Apps Portfolio

For sale is a portfolio of 16 apps targeting expecting (and new) parents with nearly 4 years of history that has over 4.8 million downloads. Two of the apps have been in the Top 10 and still hold rankings including the coveted #1 spot for the main keyword. Current average is 1,200 downloads per day (over the most recent 30 days).

Asking Price: $50,000 | Revenue: $0 | Cash Flow: $0

Diverse Portfolio of Apps For Apple and Android Plus Amazon Ebooks

For sale is a diverse portfolio of Apps for iOS, Android plus eBooks in the hot gaming niche. The 3 sub-companies for sale cover a wide range of niches in addition to the gaming niche across iOS, Android, Amazon, and Kindle. For sale is a diverse portfolio of Apps for iOS, Android plus eBooks in the hot gaming niche. The 3 sub-companies for sale cover a wide range of niches in addition to the gaming niche across iOS, Android, Amazon, and Kindle.

Asking Price: $495,000 | Revenue: $200,315 | Cash Flow: $200,315

Technology Content Portal Site

For sale is a technology content portal site that is monetized largely with Google Adsense. The site gets organic traffic of 1.4 million pageviews per month and has averaged $5,450/month in revenue over the past 8 months. Site has been featured in the popular Flipboard app.

Asking Price: $80,000 | Revenue: $65,402 | Cash Flow: $63,962

Web Hosting Company - Established/Profitable With Top 5 Tier Type Infrastructure

For sale is is a family of hosting business units that is 3.5 years old. The company has grossed approximately $75 million across all of the hosting brands and currently has 316,754 active customer accounts. This business is setup for significant growth and can handle 1,000 hosting orders per day. It has been built to be a Top 5 hosting company type infrastructure. The suite of hosting companies consists of five unique brands that each serve different, but valuable, segments of the web hosting industry. One of the domains is highly recognizable for mainstream branding and advertising use.

Asking Price: $4,000,000 | Revenue: $6,000,000 | Cash Flow: $1,250,000

Real-time Collaboration Apps & Portfolio with 14mm downloads

For sale is a unique real-time collaboration app that works across iOS and Android. The app has been hugely popular with over 8 million downloads, over 40,000 five-star reviews on the App Store, and Apple has featured the app in 35 countries. The company has also built a technology that is enhancing the landscape of education, business, and enterprise collaboration using mobile devices. Also included is a portfolio of other apps that have produced a combined total of over 14 million downloads and over a million dollars in total revenue.

Asking Price: $400,000 | Revenue: $99,177 | Cash Flow: $99,177

Gaming Guides/Wallpaper/Quiz/Creator App Portfolio

For sale is a simple suite of 46 apps in the always hot and lucrative gaming guide and quiz niches. This portfolio has generated $125,583 from October 2013 to September 2014 and the revenue is steady. This portfolio has had a combined total of 580K downloads and continues to grow organically with no advertising or marketing done for the business as of yet.

Asking Price: $220,000 | Revenue: $130,979 | Cash Flow: $125,583

Mobile App SAAS Business With Recurring Revenue

For sale is a profitable SAAS business in the white hot mobile app market that is built around a powerful SAAS tool that produces recurring revenue. Over the last 20 months the business has generated $2.8mm in sales and $1.29mm in profit. The business has 4 primary components that provide specific tools to the end users that consist of: Development, Marketing, Optimization, and templates. This business has strong customer loyalty, key joint venture partners, a fully trained team that runs the business, and is the gold standard in it's niche. The business is profitable and growing. Full financials will be provided to qualified buyers.

Asking Price: $2,300,000 | Revenue: $903,069 | Cash Flow: $465,443

Marketing Automation & Traffic Generation SAAS Business

For sale is a successful marketing technology services business with a multi-product suite including: service based products, information products, and continuity based products as well as powerful marketing automation and traffic generation SAAS products. This business is 8 years old, has been profitable since year one, and grown organically to over $7MM/year in revenue. Full team in place to run the business. Many ways it can be grown. This is a very robust business with multiple products and services, patents, celebrity customers, marketing systems that leverage the multiple products, and a stellar reputation in the industry.

Asking Price: $7,000,000 | Revenue: $7,064,473 | Cash Flow: $1,779,124

Market Leading Skin Care/Cosmeceutical Internet Business

Fast Growing Skin Care business with a diverse product line featuring a top selling anti-aging topical cosmeceutical product. Multiple products and marketing channels, Majority of revenue is recurring with consistent rebuys from a global client base of 30,000. Florida-based company owns multiple trademarks and has limited competition in the space with high barriers to entry. This is a company that is poised for a buyer to scale it and take it to the next level.

Asking Price: $8,000,000 | Revenue: $3,370,207 | Cash Flow: $1,186,136

Ecommerce Business in Home Improvement Hardware Niche

For sale is a seasoned ecommerce business in the home improvement/upgrade niche with over 15,000 products and 15 vendors. The business has multiple aged domains and generates traffic through Google Shopping, Amazon, and a third party website in it’s niche market. This site is completely custom and allows the user to search by many criteria.

Asking Price: $225,000 | Revenue: $283,927 | Cash Flow: $70,000

SEO Company with 14 Years of History

For sale is a search engine optimization, social media, marketing, web design, and development service business founded in 1999. They are a leading web marketing and Internet solutions firm, focused solely on increasing their clients company's bottom line. Included with the business are 50 recurring billing customers, 140 total client list, and 17,960 person prospect email list.

Asking Price: $375,000 | Revenue: $332,853 | Cash Flow: $121,538

Niche Canadian Internet Real Estate Business

For sale is a membership site Internet business in a hot real estate niche with recurring revenue and a strong upward trend. This business has generated $279,063 in revenue and $169,595 in profit in 2913 and continues to grow at a steady rate with approximately 8000 past customers and over 80,000 prospects.

Asking Price: $500,000 | Revenue: $279,063 | Cash Flow: $169,595

Domain Names - and

Millions of ebooks are available for download. Two of the most valuable domains are now available: and Domain Names Available for Purchase or Lease. Sellers will consider a joint venture or partnership (with some up front cash consideration from Buyer). Serious inquiries only please.

Asking Price: $100,000 | Revenue: $0 | Cash Flow: $0

Domain Name -

Targeted, premium, powerful, brandable, domain name in the most popular mobile app categories on the app stores. Seller is open to offers. For additional information or to make an offer, please submit the form above to have our domain expert contact you.

Asking Price: $300,000 | Revenue: $0 | Cash Flow: $0

Super Hot Swipe Game w/Over 100K Game Plays Per Day

For sale is a white hot game in a niche making millions a day that millions of people are playing everyday. Whether you are looking to enter the space or are building your portfolio, this game is a proven winner and the powerhouse that paved the way for one of the all time most successful revenue generating apps ever. Now over three years old, this app/game has over 4 million downloads in the iOS, Android and Amazon App Stores while making $182k in the past 12 months (between ads and up sells).

Asking Price: $210,000 | Revenue: $194,028 | Cash Flow: $182,727

Educational App Business - Common Core Compliant

This business was established in 2011 to capitalize on the upcoming revolution in mobile computing technology for applications in elementary education. To date, the business has developed an array of software architectures and apps that offer much more than the standard quiz apps. The vision is to take the knowledge, software and branding developed and produce apps that have the full potential to replace textbooks in elementary classrooms around the world while saving billions.

Asking Price: $175,000 | Revenue: $45,442 | Cash Flow: $38,875

Top Sports/Utility App in Hot Golf Niche

For sale is an advanced utility/sports app in the hot golf niche. This app was built by a golfer for golfers out of simple frustration and has reached the top charts in both Android and Apple for it's niche.Available on multiple platforms it has approximately 245,000 users, 345,300 downloads, multiple social media sites, an interactive web site that builds community and keeps the users engaged, and has been in business since January 2010.

Asking Price: $500,000 | Revenue: $155,526 | Cash Flow: $150,719

Gaming Site - Adsense

For sale is a gaming related content site that is monetized mostly with Google Adsense. Seller currently lets the site run on autopilot with only very basic SEO efforts. The site gets organic and stable traffic with 120,000 to 130,000 monthly unique visitors. Started in November 2013, the site has averaged $5,824/month in total revenue over the past five months.

Asking Price: $75,000 | Revenue: $69,897 | Cash Flow: $69,797

SEO Service Business (Price Reduced)

For sale is a search engine optimization service business founded in 2012 that provides affordable SEO services designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Relying on white hat SEO techniques, clients receive safe SEO services that have not been hit by Google algorithm updates. The current owner runs this on a part-time basis (10 hours/week or less) with work outsourced to a third party so there is a lot of room for expansion.

Asking Price: $160,000 | Revenue: $126,260 | Cash Flow: $106,688

Sports/Utility App in Hot Golf Niche

This app is a high quality golf app that started it’s evolution in 2008 on Windows Mobile phones. Versions now exist for all major platforms including Android, iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry and Java enabled phones. This app is the #1 golf app on Android and has had 1,400,000 downloads.

Asking Price: $200,000 | Revenue: $74,234 | Cash Flow: $60,758

60+ Educational Games For Kids With 2.7MM downloads

For sale is a simple suite of apps in the lucrative kids app niche with educational, gaming and entertainment apps that has produced over 2.7 million downloads. This portfolio has been in business since November 2012 and has averaged approximately $10K per month over the last 4 months. These apps will continue to produce revenue without the owner needing to put much work into these apps. They can grow further with updates as well as re-purposing the app code to create new apps.

Asking Price: $190,000 | Revenue: $110,564 | Cash Flow: $85,776

43 iOS apps in the hot kids game niche - 1.8MM downloads

For sale is a portfolio of 43 apps focused in the hot kids game niche with 1,856,262 downloads. With the first app released June 26th 2013 this business is showing an exciting growth pattern. Over the last 9 months total revenue has been $106,351 with a profit of $80,431. Projected yearly is $175,337 in revenue and $139,738 in profit. Also included with the sale are 17 brand new games that are completed and ready to release.

Asking Price: $246,000 | Revenue: $175,337 | Cash Flow: $139,738

iPad/iPhone Music Studio App Business with 480,000 users and eCommerce Website

For sale is a combination music studio app and royalty-free instrumental e-commerce website. The music studio app is growing virally at an average of 30K users/month with no advertising. The website is an online marketplace where musicians buy and sell royalty free instrumental music beats. The music beats are user generated content (UGC) created by independent music producers and agencies from around the globe who sell and distribute them through the marketplace.

Asking Price: $115,000 | Revenue: $94,289 | Cash Flow: $43,324

Themed Suite of Game Apps - 2 Million+ Downloads

For sale is a suite of 76 gaming apps with high quality graphics, simple game play, and various themes that has produced 2,348,276 downloads. This is a great starter portfolio or acquisition for seasoned developers to add a good userbase and large amount of new apps that expand your reach into the market place in the top grossing niche in apps, games. This is a solid app business that is enjoying an upswing in revenue trends that are easily sustainable with a small amount of effort and focus.

Asking Price: $159,000 | Revenue: $83,707 | Cash Flow: $63,645

Portfolio of Gaming Utility Apps and Guides

Portfolio of multiple game guides and gaming utility type of apps. Also included is technology for ad network software and a scaleable mobile forum software.

Asking Price: $320,000 | Revenue: $164,021 | Cash Flow: $161,745

Gaming Apps with 1,800,743 downloads

For sale is an up and coming gaming suite that's been in business since 2011. With total downloads over 1,800,000 and and an impressive monthly active user rate of 450,000 this business has produced $104,729 in revenue and is gaining momentum in the coveted and lucrative gaming niche.

Asking Price: $109,000 | Revenue: $104,729 | Cash Flow: $14,541

Best Selling Screen Writing App

For sale is a rare app with 4 years of history and consistent earnings. This the first professional film and television screenwriting app in the App Store. This app was designed for film and television screenwriters to provide Hollywood industry standard screenplay formatting, pagination, and powerful editing tools in a beautiful interface.

Asking Price: $210,000 | Revenue: $62,517 | Cash Flow: $62,441

Top Internet Business Training Company - Recurring Revenue (price reduced)

For sale is a highly successful internet business related training company with a recurring revenue model that generated $1,195,773 in revenue and $718,488 in profit over the last 12 months. The business consists of four key websites for which customers pay a monthly fee to access high quality training on various aspects of internet business. All of the sites are seasoned and 96% of the revenue is generated through leveraged recurring billing.

Asking Price: $450,000 | Revenue: $1,195,773 | Cash Flow: $718,488

Top Game Cheat App - Reached #1 in the US

For sale is a top game cheat app that reached #1 on the US charts for paid utilities. With total downloads over 220,000 and and average monthly download rate of 40,000 this business is just at the verge of hitting the momentum stage in the hot gaming cheat niche. The owners have carefully tested and experimented with pricing options to optimize conversions and profit margins. They have received great coverage from Youtube user videos and reviews and they have successfully used Facebook advertising to drive downloads. There is plenty of room for growth in an expanding global market that is largely untapped and is a prime app for the very large Android demographic. The game this business is centered around enjoys massive exposure through world wide branding and popularity.

Asking Price: $975,000 | Revenue: $516,027 | Cash Flow: $435,003

Autopilot Gaming Sites

For sale is a set of two gaming related content sites, with one that has been around for 12 years. Sites currently run on auto pilot and generate revenue through Google Adsense and several advertising channels.

Asking Price: $80,000 | Revenue: $48,041 | Cash Flow: $42,239

Drop Ship Auto-Pilot Health and Wellness Business

For sale is a drop ship supplement business founded in Dec 2010 featuring hundreds of high end, top selling products. This business caters to the niche markets of people looking for specific health remedies as well as the high demand health/weight loss/wellness niche.

Asking Price: $180,000 | Revenue: $373,725 | Cash Flow: $65,111

iPhone App Business With Recurring Revenue

For sale is a top ranked app in a high demand niche that provides a unique "matching" type service to connect clients with professionals in this niche market. In the first year of operation the company has subscribed over 480 professionals (in this niche) paying monthly or one year in advance. They grossed $134K in the first year. There is currently a baseline of $70,000 annualized estimated recurring revenue from clients that are automatically billed on a monthly basis.

Asking Price: $175,000 | Revenue: $125,666 | Cash Flow: $113,421

Membership Site Software Business - Recurring Revenue

For sale is a full-featured membership site software with over 100 active members. This software was built from the ground up based on the growing need. It’s a fully hosted solution including Membership Management, Email Marketing (broadcasts & follow ups), SMS Marketing (Mobile), Admin Panel, Site Design and Layout control, Integrated Analytics and Tracking, Shopping Cart Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, 3rd Party Email Integration, Full Function Support Ticket System, Affiliate tracking software, Site management and more all built on the stable WP frame work. It’s been running for 3+ years now with very little maintenance or work required. If you like recurring revenue this is a great business to look at. 97% of the revenue is recurring making your marketing efforts leveraged for ongoing income.

Asking Price: $50,000 | Revenue: $30,000 | Cash Flow: $25,000

High Usablity APPS

This is an emerging company that develops night vision, GPS tracking and phone tracking apps in the entertainment category.

Asking Price: $175,000 | Revenue: $150,000 | Cash Flow: $75,000

Talking APP Portfolio

This one wont last long. The seller has realistic selling expectations and is not over inflating the asking price which will make this move fast! This talking app suite has been carefully built on a highly skin-able framework. In other words, just add new graphics and voice overs and you can crank out new apps FAST. And considering this entire platform was built to as a testing ground to support ad generated revenue, the more apps you have the more money you make. This system works fantastically all on its own but a surprising thing happened the sellers never expected. They started selling the actual apps too! The sellers have neglected this business due to other business obligations and have not tapped the potential on this one (not even close) which is the only reason they are selling, they simply don't have time to dedicate to it. The sellers are tech geeks and love to build technology (impressive technology at that) and would rather sell this to the right the buyer who can use the technology and build out the revenue streams.

Asking Price: $350,000 | Revenue: $265,000 | Cash Flow: $224,000

Web Hosting Business

High profit margin recurring revenue business with over 6000 customers. $384,782 in sales and $325,183 in profit.

Asking Price: $650,000 | Revenue: $384,782 | Cash Flow: $325,183

Forex Internet Business

Forex Internet Business: provides Forex training, education and tools to traders. $693,862 in sales and $596,123 in profit. Comes with prospect lists of 20,701 and customer lists of 1,680.

Asking Price: $750,000 | Revenue: $693,862 | Cash Flow: $596,123

$1,100,000/year Golf Internet Business

$1,100,000/year Golf Internet Business.

Asking Price: $1,200,000 | Revenue: $1,100,000 | Cash Flow: $400,000

$20,013/year Niche Information Product Business:

$20,013/year Niche Information Product Business: sells a niche information product for $97 with a $697 upsell. Has generated $38,644 in sales and $20,013 in profit in the past 12 months with only 3-4 hours/week to run the business. Includes a 35,831 person database.

Asking Price: $50,000 | Revenue: $38,644 | Cash Flow: $20,013

Newsletters site

Business opportunity site: niche business that sells a physical course and training materials showing people how to make money with newsletters. This is a proven money maker, has great marketing and also has a continuity service for monthly residual income.

Asking Price: $100,000 | Revenue: $0 | Cash Flow: $0

Forex Referral Internet Business

For sale is a forex internet business that generates revenue by introducing investors/traders to various brokers and getting paid referral fees. Their key sales method has been offering rebates to customers when they signup with brokers. The main benefit of this business is that a new customer can generate revenue for a long time, since referral fees are paid to the business on each and every closed deal.

Asking Price: $125,000 | Revenue: $138,738 | Cash Flow: $65,249