Performance Metric Collection SaaS Product – 4 Years of History

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Performance Metric Collection SaaS Product – 4 Years of History


Performance Metric Collection SaaS Product – 4 Years of History

For sale is a SaaS product that was built as a simple to configure system for any organization to collect key metrics. It has been running with customers since June of 2011. The owners currently do not work on it at all, it just runs and produces monthly recurring revenue.

This product’s key differentiator is in how it simplifies the performance metric process – mainly in terms of data collection. A lot of systems that help with KPIs focus on the dashboard side – the reporting side but they still leave the filers with difficulties in filing – fumbling with logins in in clumsy portals. Also, a lot of KPI collection systems are custom built and so they take a lot of money and time to build and are not as flexible or bulletproof as this product.

With this product, users can build a data collection “tracker” in minutes so there is much less setup time and headache. Also, the system differs in that it sends the people emails daily, weekly or monthly with a simple link to file their metrics and a community where they can share best practices or ideas. So it helps both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Growth Potential:

WAY 1: A new owner could look to market and sell it to organizations that track KPIs – insurance companies tracking members, large non-profits tracking volunteers, large businesses tracking employees. This buyer would have good sales and marketing as their key ingredient.

WAY 2: If the new owner already offers KPI or dashboard software or services this could be a complimentary product. Many organizations have just dashboards – the analytics side but the key differentiator is the way it simplifies data collection and how it harvests good ideas in a repetitive, intentional way.

Support and Training Period:

Support is flexible based on your needs. Full training will be provided. The new owner could also have the option to leave it hosted on Microsoft Azure and work with the current owners to maintain and support it. This lowers the risk and initial cost for the buyer.

Reason For Selling:

Owners have a larger development and services business focused on the communications market. They want to focus on that market 100% and will use the sale of this product to invest in sales and marketing for their key communications product.