Photography Software Business – Market Leader for 9 Years

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Photography Software Business – Market Leader for 9 Years
$600,000 (Seller is open to offers)


Photography Software Business – Market Leader for 9 Years

For sale is a company that has been a market leader for the past 9 years creating professional and hobbyist photography software. For the desktop, they offer plug-ins and add-ons for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For mobile photographers, they offer an iOS photo app that allows quick, easy photo editing on an iPhone or iPad. This business is a well-respected brand in the professional photo industry, with a large mailing list of photographers all over the world and a loyal social media audience.

Highlights & Key Assets:
o Quality: App has 4.5 stars in the Apple App Store, with the current version earning 5 stars.
o Loyal Customer Base: customers are incredibly loyal, because of their reputation for quality.
o Customer Service: the business has always had a “Nordstrom Policy” when it comes to returns and refunds. They have a reputation for offering excellent customer service and support.
o Ease of Management: the business has basically run itself for the last year. It provides great passive income for a buyer looking to extract maximum value from the business, but also allows for plenty of room to continue building a product line-up.
o Industry Reputation: As a key player in their niche market from early on they have an excellent reputation amongst peers and competitors, including major blogs and photo-related press.
o Built-in customer base who is eager to purchase new products.
o App has 250,000+ downloads, with potential to offer in-app purchases to that audience.
o Social media assets with total of 109K Facebook, 28K Twitter and 31K Instagram.
o Trademarks for the business name and four key products.

Growth Potential:
When the owners have released products, the business makes money. They believe the largest potential would be an update or revamp of the flagship product. That product has done over $2,000,000 in sales since launch and customers are eager to see a version 2.0.

Training & Support:
Full support and training will be provided. This is negotiable depending on your needs. The owner is committed to making it a success for a new owner.

Reason Selling:
Reasons for selling are two-fold:
1. Ready for a new challenge. The owners have been at the business for almost 10 years and it feels like the right time to move on, due to their age and family needs.
2. Competition/Shifting Market. When they started the business mobile photography was barely a thing. People needing high-quality products for photo editing and were willing to pay top dollar. As the photo industry has shifted and mobile phones have gotten more powerful, there is a shrinking need for desktop products, as well as more competition, which has driven prices down.