Pet Supplies eCommerce Brand – 125% Growth Forecasted

Internet / Ecommerce / Amazon
Pet Supplies eCommerce Brand – 125% Growth Forecasted
$2,000,000 (plus inventory)


Pet Supplies eCommerce Brand – 125% Growth Forecasted

For sale is an eCommerce business focused on automotive pet supplies that was established in January 2015. The primary target market is pet owners and the business focuses on giving customers all they need in their vehicle to take their pet on the road. They are setting the trend for innovative automotive pet products with the highest standard and quality. They aim to satisfy customers with more than their products and service is equally important.

The business has been active since 2015 with a steady growth curve. The business has reported growth of over 2.23X revenue in 1 year from $588K in revenue in 2015 to $1.3MM in revenue for 2016. And $1.5MM+ in 2017. Forecast for 2018 is $3.4MM in revenue and $1.23MM in profit. Forecast for 2019 is $4.9MM in revenue and $1.8MM in profit.

Sales channels include Amazon, Shopify, Jet, Walmart and Ebay.

New target markets include Europe and expanding the UK market. The owners have set up the groundwork for those additional markets but have not taken the next steps to expand in those markets. This leaves another powerful opportunity for a new owner to continue the impressive growth trends.

The business has proven systems with strong relationships in all aspects of operations that are all transferable to the new owner.

Highlights & Key Assets:
– Highest quality products (at the most affordable price)
– Strong customer loyalty
– Excellent customer service and an Amazon rating of 4.7
– Very strong brand
– Trademark for brand
– Patent pending for one product
– Rapidly expanding niche
– Email list of 6,000 (Customer & Prospect List)
– Wholesale account with
– Opportunity to expand in UK market (only 5 SKU’s currently) and the European market (untapped)
– Social media assets
– 35 current SKU’s and 5 more launching in Dec 2017

Growth Potential:

The owners forecast 50% growth in 2018. (SEE PROSPECTUS FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS)

Main growth areas are:
1) Expand product line such as dog beds, dog cages, booster seats etc.
2) Continue to innovate with new products
3) Expand to European markets – an untapped opportunity

The owners are the brains and muscle and doing everything right now, so strategically putting them with a new owner or larger business with more resources would be beneficial with growing this business. They believe its a business where if an acquirer has more resources it can be grown a lot and they are willing to actively work with a new owner.


Full support and training will be provided. This is negotiable depending on your needs. The owner is committed to making it a success for a new owner.

Reason For Selling:

The owners established and built this brand with the intent to sell it.