Celebrity Game w/ 160mm Social Media Reach

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Celebrity Game w/ 160mm Social Media Reach
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Celebrity Game w/ 160mm Social Media Reach

For sale is an arcade style game with characters that include social media stars with a total fan reach of 160,000,000. Available on iOS, Android, Amazon. Has approximately 300k users and 400k downloads already.

The app made around $65,000 on the current download numbers. Owners are optimizing for ads and in app purchases right now in addition to adding new characters. Did a test soft launch and now its ready for full promotion internally and outside user acquisition.

The current owners work with some of the biggest social celebrities in the world. Their contacts alone represent a great business opportunity that can be leveraged for other things.

Training & Support:
This is negotiable depending on your needs. The owner is committed to making it a success for a new owner.

Reason selling:
The owner needs to focus all of their resources on a separate VC backed business.