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SaaS Mobile App Builder

One of the top quality mobile app builders in the market is now available for sale.

Current pricing model is one month free and then $14/month ongoing. However they have minimal revenue coming in because the owners have been focused on a VC play for a startup app and have not marketed the app builder. They invested about $1.5M to build it and it is one of the best app builders in the space.

App Builder features include:
o Easy quality UI
o iPhone & iPad versions
o Premium user analytics
o Unlimited push notifications
o Custom marketing site
o Excellent technical support

Currently they have done a licensing deal with a major online service to roll it out to thousands of locations. And they have done a licensing deal with one of the top online training companies to roll it out to their thousands of users.

All of the code is documented and they have the code base all ready to go.

They are open to different opportunities for deal structure but will require some upfront cash. Details can be discussed based on your plans and specific needs.

For additional details please fill out the form below and then sign our NDA.