Android Tool/Utility Apps – 4mm Downloads &10K+ DAU

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Android Tool/Utility Apps – 4mm Downloads &10K+ DAU


Android Tool/Utility Apps – 4mm Downloads & 10K+ DAU

For sale are three portfolios with 35 Android apps that have generated more than 4 million downloads from a premium user base. Most of the apps are in the Tools/Utility categories. The main developer account has 4 years of history with the first app published in 2012.

All the apps are published worldwide and downloaded from almost all countries through the Google PlayStore. All the apps are developed and marketed by the owner. The owner implemented several business models for generating revenues including Freemium, In-app purchase model with ads, Pro paid apps and Lite version

Highlights & Key Assets:
– High quality apps with stable versions (currently in production)
– One of the apps for sale is a one of a kind app that is gaining popularity day by day. It’s now in top apps lists in several countries. Getting 1200+ daily downloads with over 1.1mm downloads.
– Monthly recurring revenue with little to no investment ; via paid app downloads, In-app purchases, Ads revenue and market data tracking SDKs
– Premium user-base with over 3.2 million times apps downloaded from the developer accounts. Very high value users. The GEO spread of the apps are of high value and several Analytics SDK teams have agreed on this.
– Minimal/no time required for maintenance of the developer accounts
– Greater scale of business possible with marketing (all current year’s revenue is from zero advertising)
– Future app development requirements and support can be provided for small fees
– 35 apps in 3 developer accounts
– Monthly recurring revenue directly from Google Play, Admob, AppNext and Similar Web
– Two analytics SDK teams have contacted the owner, asking to integrate their SDK for 0.03$ and 0.01$ per user data per month. He has not started integrating those SDKs into the apps yet. With an MAU of average 142,000 this could generate an additional profit of 1000-4000 $ per month.

Growth Potential:
– SDK integration (see above)
– All the apps are self grown ( no marketing done). Imagine the quality of apps attaining 3.2 million downloads without marketing. It is expected that with proper marketing budget and efforts all the apps can be boosted in downloads and the revenue could be increased significantly.

Training & Support:
Full support and training will be provided. This is negotiable depending on your needs. The owner is committed to making it a success for a new owner.

Reason selling:
The seller is starting a new mobile game developing company and wants to spend majority of time on the new venture, also requires capital to help fund the new game company.