Sell Your Business


ABB (AppBusinessBrokers) does a lot of things for sellers but there’s one thing we do best, find QUALIFIED buyers! We’ve closed more internet and mobile app deals than any other brokers and have quickly become the premier go-to team for sellers and buyers over the last 4 years. Things move fast in this space and we’re no different. We’ve closed deals in as little as 2 weeks and our focus is one thing, to SELL YOUR INTERNET OR APP BUSINESS.  And if you have a non-software Internet business (like eCommerce, Amazon or Info Products) we can help you with that too (we’ve been in that game for 12 years).

The Brokering Process

Many people have an interest in selling but don’t have the first clue as to how to go about it. What is my business worth? What is the market paying? How do I find qualified buyers? What should I accept for terms?

There are literally dozens of questions that stop business owners dead in their tracks when you are considering selling. But don’t worry, we’re here to handle the entire process from advertising your business, finding qualified buyers, answering questions all the way through to negotiation and the closing process. We simply bring you offers until we find the right one that you decide is best for you.  We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the internet market and we know how to get your business sold.

Plus, buyers LOVE us because they know that at ABB they can count on solid listings that are a win/win every time. With a variety of pre-qualified buyers ranging from investors, private buyers, web entrepreneurs, and top executives at publicly traded companies, we’re confident we can find the right buyer for your business.

Getting Started

What’s next? Just fill out the form below and we’ll get to work right away on your business to evaluate the best plan that fits your goals. We’ll setup a short confidential phone call to discuss your business.  From there we will get you a FREE estimated valuation, so you have a good starting point for the most commonly asked question, “What’s my business worth”.

We’ll handle everything with your business evaluation:

  • Valuation based on the current market
  • Professional marketing package and presentation
  • Key highlights of your business
  • Professional “blind” description that makes your business very attractive to buyers but doesn’t disclose any private information about what the business is
  • Full benefit list so buyers can quickly and easily see the benefits of buying your business
  • Uniqueness factor: what makes your business different in the sea of similar businesses?
  • Highlight the technology: An often over looked value component with APP based businesses
  • Consultation to determined upside potential and growth potential (this an absolute MUST HAVE for any serious seller and we do it for free)
  • 12-24 month estimated pro-forma financials where applicable (buyers LOVE this)
  • Marketing your listing to our large database of qualified buyers
  • Locating additional qualified buyers to make sure you get the best deal

We are results driven and focused and compensated based on results. We don’t charge any upfront fees and only get paid a success fee that is transparent and clear before we list your business. We approach every client relationship based around your particular personal circumstances, needs, and goals.

Once you submit the form below either Eric Owens or Mike Kemski will personally contact you within 2-3 business days to discuss your business further.