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Children’s Gaming App Portfolio with 18.6 Million Downloads

List Price:  $1,200,000

Revenue:    $645,112

Profit:         $536,203

SOLD: Diverse portfolio of 118 children’s gaming apps with 18.6mm downloads on iOS. Revenue is 60% from advertising and 40% from Apps/IAP.  5 games in the top 25 USA category charts, 13 games in the top 50 USA category charts, 26 games in the top 100 USA category charts and 45 games in the top 200 USA charts over the last 9 months. Strong kids brand on the app store with great cross promotion in place.


App Portfolio – 500 apps and 10 Million Downloads

List Price:  $550,000

Revenue:    $281,988

Profit:         $238,230

SOLD: Explosive growth app business started in 2013. This business now has over 500 apps primarily in the most sought after gaming niche with others that span 8 categories in the app store. It has accumulated over 10MM downloads and averages approximately 881,200 downloads per month.


B2B Food Niche Revenue Generating Website For Sale

List Price: 60,000

Revenue: $38,374

Profit: $21,958

SOLD: B2B revenue generating website with five years of history in a targeted food related niche. The site provides up to date news, information, and marketing solutions for small to large industry companies looking to promote and grow their business. This site was the first to bring a 100% internet based information and advertising platform to the niche industry..


Diverse iOS/Mac App Portfolios In Multiple Niches

List Price:  $300,000

Revenue:    $152,178

Profit:         $149,407

SOLD: Diverse portfolio of apps in the iOS and Mac app stores across multiple categories that has made a steady profit for 4 years with 2.9 million downloads. App types include educational tutorials, Minecraft gaming guides, radio apps, niche wallpaper apps and game apps.


Marketing Automation & Traffic Generation SAAS Business

List Price: $7,000,000

Revenue:   $7,064,473

Profit:         $1,779,124

SOLD: Successful marketing technology services business with a multi-product suite including: service based products, information products, and continuity based products as well as powerful marketing automation and traffic generation SAAS products.


Photography/Utility App Suite with over 48,000,000 downloads

List Price:  $750,000

Revenue:    $484,623

Profit:         $419,481

SOLD: An app suite with high quality apps in the photography and utility markets with over 48,000,000 downloads and growing with 58,554,719 updates showing a very active user base.


Super Hot Swipe Game w/Over 100K Game Plays Per Day

List Price:  $210,000

Revenue:   $194,028

Profit:         $182,727

SOLD: A white hot game in a niche that produces millions a day and that millions of people are playing everyday. Whether you are looking to enter the space or are building your portfolio, this game is a proven winner and the powerhouse that paved the way for one of the all time most successful revenue generating apps ever.


Top Sports/Utility App in Hot Golf Niche

List Price: $500,000

Revenue:   $155,526

Profit:         $150,719

Sold: An advanced utility/sports app in the hot golf niche. This app was built by a golfer for golfers out of simple frustration and has reached the top charts in both Android and Apple for it’s niche. This is a very useful tool for golfers, powerful enough for both weekend warriors and pros at the Masters.


Educational Games For Kids With 2.7MM downloads

List Price: $190,000

Revenue:   $110,564

Profit:       $85,776

SOLD: A simple suite of apps in the lucrative kids app niche with educational, gaming and entertainment apps that has produced over 2.7 million downloads. This portfolio has been in business since November 2012 and has averaged approximately $10K per month over the last 4 months…


Nutritional & Health Related Niche App Business

List Price: $275,000

Revenue:   $111,633

Profit:        $110,976

SOLD: An app business that markets premium priced apps in a targeted health and nutrition related niche market.  These apps have been the leader in this particular niche and the highly responsive niche market is growing with no end in sight.


Top Educational App Business – Common Core Compliant

List Price:    $175,000

Revenue:      $45,442

Profit:           $38,875

SOLD: This business was established in 2011 to capitalize on the upcoming revolution in mobile computing technology for applications in elementary education. To date, the business has developed an array of software architectures and apps that offer much more than the standard quiz apps. The vision is to take the knowledge, software and branding developed and produce apps that have the full potential to replace textbooks in elementary classrooms around the world while saving billions.


Recurring Revenue Software Business in the Mobile Internet Niche

List Price:  $1,000,000

Revenue:    $1,156,715

Profit:         $635,600

SOLD: A software business tapped into two money making markets that has exploded to approximately $80,000 in profit per month and continues to grow with recurring revenue from rebills averaging $28,000 to $40,000 per month.


Seasoned eCommerce Business in Lucrative Niche

List Price: $265,000

Revenue: $276,586

Profit: $88,419

SOLD: A seasoned eCommerce business in a lucrative niche market that has been operating since July 2008. With traffic being split between 30% paid traffic and 70% organic traffic this business has a lot of room for growth through multiple traffic sources.

Internet-Nutritional Supplements

Drop Ship Auto-Pilot Health and Wellness Business

SOLD: Frop ship supplement business founded in Dec 2010 featuring hundreds of high end, top selling products. This business caters to the niche markets of people looking for specific health remedies as well as the high demand health/weight loss/wellness niche.


Autopilot Gaming Sites

SOLD: Set of two gaming related content sites, with one that has been around for 12 years. Sites currently run on auto pilot and generate revenue through Google Adsense and several advertising channels.

Internet-Info Products

Niche Information Product Business

SOLD: $20,013/year Niche Information Product Business: sells a niche information product for $97 with a $697 upsell. Has generated $38,644 in sales and $20,013 in profit in the past 12 months with only 3-4 hours/week to run the business. Includes a 35,831 person database.

Internet-Info Products

Top Internet Business Training Company – Recurring Revenue

SOLD: Highly successful internet business related training company with a recurring revenue model that generated $1,195,773 in revenue and $718,488 in profit over the last 12 months. The business consists of four key websites for which customers pay a monthly fee to access high quality training on various aspects of internet business. All of the sites are seasoned and 96% of the revenue is generated through leveraged recurring billing.


Baby Names & Pregnancy Apps Portfolio

SOLD: Portfolio of 16 apps targeting expecting (and new) parents with nearly 4 years of history. Two of the apps have been in the Top 10 and still hold rankings including the coveted #1 spot for the main keyword. Due to a family health issue not much has been done with this app portfolio in some time.  Asset only deal – minimal revenue.